Saturday, 18 November 2006

i LOVE the market.

mmmmm after finishing work today (i only did a lazy 9-1 shift-as if im staying longer on a saturday!!) i headed to the market. i browsed around the general habadashery type stall but i couldnt see much i could justify buying.

then i went to the fabric stall...i spoke to a lady for a little while about sewing, she was choosing some fabric to make a suit for her sons graduation. she ended up with some lovely tartan. i found this!!

i was in love and had to have it. turns out there was 1.5 yards there, so i took it, and it only cost me 1.50!!! thats about $3. so impressed. i then decided it would make a beautiful handbag, so i simply MUST have some lime green bits to go with it. back to the habadashery stall, where i picked up 3 of those ribbon bundles-theres about a metre and a half in each like 4.5 ish metres...for a pound :D my day was made! i found some matching thread and caught the bus home to craft.

i didnt start with a handbag straight away-i would like to try that tomorrow though maybe. i did make this however

and inside:
not particularly clear but you get the idea. purple cotton lining, all stitching done in the same green as the ribbon. im really happy with this one. just need to figure out what to hold in it!

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