Tuesday, 14 November 2006

first post here!

woohoo! finally decided its HIGH time that i jumped on the crafty blog bandwagon.

I did have another blog on livejournal but i've let it die as i want this to be crafty and not moany-about-life-y.

I'm Lisa, 19 from England. I spend alot of time crafting. I enjoy just about any aspect of this that I've tried. I've sewn since I was tiny, I was given my first sewing box when I was 5 or 6....I only moved out of this sewing box into a much bigger one two weeks ago! I cross stitch, bead, sew, model out of polymer clay (mostly beads/jewelery) and I've recently been taught how to do crazy patchwork by a family friend....I think i'm hooked!

I love to read about others crafty ventures on sites like this one, and find it a huge source of inspiration.

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