Tuesday, 14 November 2006

first go at crazy patchwork :)

this piece was my first piece of crazy patchwork.

purple shades, embellished with whatever i could find! beads, ribbons, roses, embroidery thread, and this cool button at the bottom that i thought kind of resembled the little mirrors in alot of indian fabric. i was really happy with how this came out. i stiched it onto some hand dyed purple fabric, and turned it into a pocket.

it then became a bag! i used upholstery fabric for the bag-just because that fabric is beyond great. my current thing is definitely bags made from sofa fabric :D

the pocket is actually big enough to hold a magazine in!

for size. very happy with how that came out overall.
i do have two more pieces of crazy patchwork underway-one small block that im working into but dont know yet what it will become-its in shades of blue. the other is bigger, shades of blue, pink and purple, not worked into at all yet, and that will probably be a small bag of some sort.

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