Sunday, 19 November 2006

handbag to match!

as i said i may try a handbag today...well i got a bit excited and cut out the pieces last night.

stitched em all up this morning, and this is what i ended up with!

i did find this a challenge.but im so chuffed with it, i think its so pretty :) ill be taking it to work with me tomorrow!

one of the inside. no pockets in this one this time-couldnt get my head around it haha. plus as this is the first bag in this style that ive made, i really just wanted to see if it would work. and it did! whee!

Saturday, 18 November 2006

i LOVE the market.

mmmmm after finishing work today (i only did a lazy 9-1 shift-as if im staying longer on a saturday!!) i headed to the market. i browsed around the general habadashery type stall but i couldnt see much i could justify buying.

then i went to the fabric stall...i spoke to a lady for a little while about sewing, she was choosing some fabric to make a suit for her sons graduation. she ended up with some lovely tartan. i found this!!

i was in love and had to have it. turns out there was 1.5 yards there, so i took it, and it only cost me 1.50!!! thats about $3. so impressed. i then decided it would make a beautiful handbag, so i simply MUST have some lime green bits to go with it. back to the habadashery stall, where i picked up 3 of those ribbon bundles-theres about a metre and a half in each like 4.5 ish metres...for a pound :D my day was made! i found some matching thread and caught the bus home to craft.

i didnt start with a handbag straight away-i would like to try that tomorrow though maybe. i did make this however

and inside:
not particularly clear but you get the idea. purple cotton lining, all stitching done in the same green as the ribbon. im really happy with this one. just need to figure out what to hold in it!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

first go at crazy patchwork :)

this piece was my first piece of crazy patchwork.

purple shades, embellished with whatever i could find! beads, ribbons, roses, embroidery thread, and this cool button at the bottom that i thought kind of resembled the little mirrors in alot of indian fabric. i was really happy with how this came out. i stiched it onto some hand dyed purple fabric, and turned it into a pocket.

it then became a bag! i used upholstery fabric for the bag-just because that fabric is beyond great. my current thing is definitely bags made from sofa fabric :D

the pocket is actually big enough to hold a magazine in!

for size. very happy with how that came out overall.
i do have two more pieces of crazy patchwork underway-one small block that im working into but dont know yet what it will become-its in shades of blue. the other is bigger, shades of blue, pink and purple, not worked into at all yet, and that will probably be a small bag of some sort.

recent work-browser kill time :)

first post here!

woohoo! finally decided its HIGH time that i jumped on the crafty blog bandwagon.

I did have another blog on livejournal but i've let it die as i want this to be crafty and not moany-about-life-y.

I'm Lisa, 19 from England. I spend alot of time crafting. I enjoy just about any aspect of this that I've tried. I've sewn since I was tiny, I was given my first sewing box when I was 5 or 6....I only moved out of this sewing box into a much bigger one two weeks ago! I cross stitch, bead, sew, model out of polymer clay (mostly beads/jewelery) and I've recently been taught how to do crazy patchwork by a family friend....I think i'm hooked!

I love to read about others crafty ventures on sites like this one, and find it a huge source of inspiration.