Thursday, 14 June 2007


now, for a few months now, my main thing has been patchwork. this is one of my most favourite ever car boot sale finds. i found a bag of what appeared to be fabric, asked the lady, it was actually an unfinished patchwork quilt. 'ok jackpot' i thoght. 'how much?'
'£1'. one. pound. mine. brought it. guess what else she had? yup-a bag full of fabric to finish it with! another pound. got that too!
when i got it home, it was actually much smaller and a very odd shape. genius here didnt think to take before pictures though, did she. anyway-id never done paper piecing before and had no idea how. i literally just had to look at what this lady had done in the past (and judging by the materials and the logo on the woolworths bag it came in, it was quite a while in the past!) and copy it. time consuming, but relatively easy :)
so ive been sitting infront of the tv, watching some CSI, law and order, conviction (because crime programs are the shit whilst crafting. yes.) and i got it to the stage you see in the photos. since then ive properly evened it out into a rectangle (in the pics, one corner is still odd shaped) and i have made it bigger yet. i still have a way to go with it.
i took it to a quilting show to show pat, to ask her advise on how to quilt it-i think im going to hand quilt circles. i have the batting in a bag in the corner of my room. i really cant wait till this one is finished, its totally not my usual colours but it just works, cant really figure out why.
the only thing i dont know how to do is the binding-ive never done this before and genuinely dont have a we'll see!

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GazHam said...

them guitars look out of place, you really need to sell me them :P